Polyrise makes available to its customers both its expertise and technical means to accompany you in your project to industrialize the production of varnishes and/or coating of pieces.

About varnishes, our help can be thought in a flexible way depending on needs and technical constraints. For instance:

  • Through the implementation of trials in controlled conditions : Reproducibility studies, Scaling up from lab scale (0,125L to 2L) to pilot scale (5L to 100L batch)
  • Through the optimization of formulations as well as their manufacturing process
  • Through qualification of first industrial batch production

Polyrise has at its disposal varnish production tools that are compliant with ATEX regulations (double envelop reactors, temperature control ad regulation, cryothermostats…). Polyrise’s equipments are equipped with sensors which allow for online control of pressure, temperature, pH…

Polyrise’s current capabilities cover a range of 5L to 100L per batch. The investment in a larger industrial reactor offering capabilities higher than 250L batch production is planned in the midterm.

In addition, Polyrise offers complementary equipments such filtration units, dispersion and milling units and distillation means…

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