From its expertise in the dispersion of nanoparticles into a sol gel matrix, Polyrise has developed a new range of colored and pigmented sol gel varnishes.

The varnishes of the Colorise range allow bringing aesthetic effects to a lot of different substrates (plastics, glass, metals…). They permit to reach a broad range of colors and tints, with nuances from matt to brilliant aspects, opaque or translucide or special effects as weel such as: metallic, pearly, iridescent…

In addition to the aesthetic effects, sol gel matrices by Polyrise allow meeting other technical constraints required on numerous markets :

  • chemical resistance (water, alcohols, perfumes…)
  • High temperature resistance
  • Mechanical agression resistance


These coating materials are adapted to a large number of industrial markets using a large range of materials and substrates (plastics, glass, crystals, metals) : Packaging, luxury goods, Tableware, construction, Cookware…
Their industrial implementation is based on simple and proven methods (dip coating, spray, flow coating…).

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