The experience gained over many years in the field of sol-gel has allowed proposing a complete range of protection varnishes. As most of varnishes commercialized by Polyrise, Hardrise varnishes meet the highest level of expectations in optics : transparency, refractive index matching…

These varnishes have been developed so as to be compliant with a variety of substrates :

  • Anti-scratch coatings for plastics (PC, PMMA, PET, PSU…)
  • Corrosion resistant coatings for metals (aluminium, magnesium…)
  • Filtering abrasion resistant coatings for transparent plastics (UV/IR)
  • Protection varnishes for precious metals (gold, silver, brass…)

The implementation of Hardrise anti-scratch coatings is possible through industrial simple proven methods (dip coating, spray, flow coating…) and either thermal or UV curing.



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Our expert team is at your disposal in order to determine the varnish corresponding the best to your need. Polyrise offers as well a complete range of services to accompany you, from prototyping to industrial implementation.

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